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Lola and Muffin

Lola and Muffin in the sink We are the newly adopted family members from ARF in the Hamptons.

We are brother and sister - the gorgeous Black guy is me, Muffin. My sister, with the cow print, is Lola.

We are basically a wrecking crew.

We destroy everything in our path. Everything! And then, after we're exhausted running around the entire house, climbing furniture, knocking down vases, chasing our food all over the kitchen, we lie down together and take a nap. Usually in the sink.

Because we Loveeach other.

Our IT consultant explained to us that this website was originaly built in 2004 by Spooky & Sushi who ruled the household at the time.

Therefore, we are leaving their original bios as per our IT consultant's advice who threatened to cancel the late night Temptations treats if we don't follow the advice.

Therefore below are our predecessors - we wish we had had the opportunity to meet them so we can jump all over them and drive them nuts but unfortunately, they are gone. They had a long, happy and spoiled life - which is exactly what we're embarking on right now. As soon as we destroy a few more rooms and closets.

Kitties in heaven


I'm the fluffy black guy. And I'm not fat - I'm fluffy. Spooky Eyes Blink

I was found in a garbage can behind The Laundry Restaurant in East Hampton. I am easily spooked, hence the name.

Spooky and Sushi As a connaisseur of fine food in the Hamptons, I enjoyed many a gourmet meal behind The Laundry kitchen.

Unfortunately, the owners of the fish store next door did not share the restaurant's kindness to their kitty neighbors, and regularly shot at me and my family with a BB gun. Therefore, I get spooked at the slightest noise - so please don't sneeze.

I'm kind of an old man so I sleep a lot these days but I used to be a great mouser. Unfortunately, in my house, rodencide is taboo - they used to snatch the mice away from me and set them free - after kissing them on the head. Can you imagine that? DISGUSTING! UNHOLY! BLASPHEMY! I'd rather sleep than think about that.


I'm the mini snow leopard, part Siamese, and I was adopted from the Valley Stream Cat Rescue.

I was deemed "hopeless" as an adoption prospect as I had this tendency to maul anybody who approached me.

Many of my games with the 2 human can openers still end in blood but my real skills lie in warehousing and document shredding.

My private stash is under "their bed" where I drag all the exciting finds they leave around unateneded for a few minutes such as Chinese noodles, chocolate, olives, socks, shoes, bills.

I'm also a master shredder - anything from toilet paper to checks. I was hoping to make a career at Enron but there was just too much competition.


Moujik in the cockroach position I was adopted from the Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton. They came in one day with Spooky and waited for their turn to see Dr. Turetsky. I was being displayed in a cage with a description of my life and personality. I didn't think anybody would pay attention to me - I was 7 years old, and kind of hefty since I spent the last 2 years in a cage at a Southampton shelter. Nobody ever looked at me.

But then, "he" came over to the cage and stuck his hand in. I knew exactly what to do: I licked him and rubbed my head against his hand. Then I purred, loud. Next thing I know, he tells the receptionist - "I'll take her!"

That was it. Now, I'm in their house. I was so happy, I purred every time they came over to me. My favorite position is lying on my back, then she kneels over and sniffs me. I think it's called huffing. The problem is she doesn't know when to stop so I have to do what I have to do to get rid of the pest - bite her! That does it! Gives me some respite until the next huffing attack.

* * *

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